Maximizing Event ROI Follow Up

Maximizing Event ROI With Follow-Up

January 8, 2024

Maximizing Event ROI: A Comprehensive Approach to Post-Event Follow-Up Strategies Enhanced by Nexl’s Event Management Solution

In the dynamic realm of legal marketing, the journey doesn’t conclude with the execution of successful events; it extends into the critical post-event phase. This thorough exploration will delve into the nuances of post-event follow-up, emphasizing the critical role it plays in overcoming challenges related to resource constraints, technological barriers, and the need for structured processes.

Additionally, we will integrate strategies to incentivize lawyers, recognizing and acknowledging their efforts while introducing performance-based rewards, client referral opportunities, professional development incentives, customized marketing support, lead generation tools, exclusive networking events, collaborative initiatives, and metrics for success.

Leveraging Nexl’s Event Management Solution will be an integral part of the discussion, exploring how its features can address these challenges and enhance overall event effectiveness.

As the saying goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up,” a maxim that holds particular relevance in the legal field. The investment in an event can only yield substantial returns when accompanied by a robust post-event follow-up strategy. Without it, the full potential of business development and networking opportunities remains largely untapped.

While various elements of event management are akin to pins set up for lawyers to knock down, the success of these endeavors hinges on effective follow-up systems. Relying solely on lawyers is insufficient; a trackable, sustainable process is imperative. This entails providing suggestions for follow-up, timely reminders, and methods to stay connected with attendees over time.

Reminders ensure lawyers stay connected, nurturing client relationships beyond initial interactions.

Several challenges emerge in the pursuit of seamless post-event follow-up, with comments from legal professionals shedding light on three primary obstacles: Limited Post-Event Follow-Up, Resource Constraints, and Technological Barriers.

1. Limited Post-Event Follow-Up

The consensus is clear—post-event follow-up is the linchpin of success. The real work begins when the event ends. However, challenges arise due to manpower constraints and the traditional lack of investment in technology for events, particularly for engineering post-event follow-ups.

2. Resource Constraints

The lack of resources, encompassing time, budget, and manpower, poses a significant hurdle. The multifaceted nature of roles, including marketing, communication, PR, and internal comms, adds to the complexity of facilitating post-event follow-up effectively. The delayed or neglected nature of follow-up activities is a common consequence of these resource constraints.

3. Technological Barriers

Resistance to adopting modern collaboration and event management tools inhibits the implementation of efficient event strategies.

  • Recognition and Acknowledgment:

    One of the fundamental pillars for encouraging post-event follow-up is public recognition. Active engagement in follow-up activities should be acknowledged through internal newsletters, meetings, or other communication channels. Recognizing lawyers for their contributions to the firm’s business development goals creates a positive environment and reinforces the value of follow-up efforts.

  • Performance-Based Rewards:

    Introducing a rewards program tied to business development achievements can significantly boost motivation. Bonuses, gift cards, or other tangible incentives serve as compelling rewards for lawyers who excel in follow-up efforts. This not only recognizes their hard work but also provides a direct link between performance and tangible benefits.

  • Client Referral Opportunities:

    Highlighting the connection between effective follow-up and client referrals is crucial. Share success stories where follow-up efforts resulted in new client relationships or expanded business from existing clients. Illustrating these opportunities showcases the direct impact of follow-up on the growth of the firm and motivates lawyers to invest more in their post-event engagement.

  • Professional Development Opportunities:

    Offering professional development opportunities as incentives aligns with lawyers’ long-term career goals. Sponsoring attendance at conferences, workshops, or training programs related to their practice area or business development skills not only acknowledges their efforts but also invests in their continuous growth.

  • Customized Marketing Support:

    Providing personalized marketing support for lawyers who actively follow up enhances their capabilities. This could involve creating tailored marketing materials, drafting client alerts, or developing targeted content to assist in their follow-up efforts. Tailoring support to individual lawyers demonstrates a commitment to their success and reinforces the value placed on follow-up activities.

  • Lead Generation Tools:

    Equipping lawyers with tools that facilitate lead generation and follow-up is essential. Specialized CRM software, access to market intelligence, or other resources that streamline their business development activities empower lawyers to be more efficient and effective in their follow-up efforts.

  • Exclusive Networking Events:

    Hosting exclusive networking events or gatherings for lawyers who demonstrate proactive follow-up adds an extra layer of incentive. By making these events appealing, such as inviting influential contacts or providing unique networking opportunities, firms can create an environment where active follow-up is not only recognized but also celebrated.

  • Collaborative Initiatives:

    Encouraging collaboration between lawyers and the marketing team is pivotal. Developing joint initiatives where marketing professionals actively support lawyers in their follow-up efforts ensures a cohesive and strategic approach. Collaborative initiatives strengthen the synergy between legal and marketing teams, contributing to more effective post-event follow-up.

  • Metrics and KPIs:

    Establishing clear business development metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) provides a roadmap for success. Regularly communicating progress, celebrating milestones, and tying achievements to both individual and team recognition reinforces the importance of follow-up and provides a transparent framework for evaluating success.

  • Client Testimonials:

    Showcasing client testimonials or success stories resulting from effective follow-up efforts serves as powerful reinforcement. This not only highlights the impact of follow-up on client relationships but also provides tangible evidence of the value lawyers bring to the firm through their post-event engagement.

Acknowledging the challenges is the first step, but overcoming them requires strategic planning and innovative approaches, particularly leveraging technology. Let’s explore how specific features can address these challenges.

Pre-Event: Strategic Follow-Up Campaigns with Nexl’s Event Management Solution

  • Event List Building and Audience Segmentation

    Focused Engagement: Easily segment your audience lists to connect meaningfully with the right clients.

    Tailored Communications: Send relevant messages to the right audience, enhancing your firm’s reputation.

At the Event: Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Engagement

  • Event Workspaces

    Effortless Planning: Event workspaces keep everyone at your firm aligned and organized, making planning a breeze.

    Centralized Details: All event-related information is accessible in one place to help you stay organized.

  • On-Site QR Code Check-In

    Streamlined Event Check-Ins: Swift, secure, and paperless, it’s the modern way to welcome attendees.

    Tech-Friendly: Embracing technology enhances the event experience, keeping attendees engaged.

  • RSVP Forms

    RSVP Tracking: Gain insights into event registrants, anticipate turnout, and tailor your preparations for the perfect gathering.

    Accurate Preparations: Knowing the expected attendance helps in planning resources effectively.

Post-Event: Post Mortem Analysis Enhanced by Event Segmentation and List Building

Utilizing tools like Nexl Event’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality enhances the efficiency of post-event follow-up. This includes streamlined and personalized follow-up campaigns through email, offering relevant content tailored to attendees’ interests. Furthermore, post-event calls can be seamlessly integrated into the CRM, contributing to building lasting connections.

Lastly, conducting a post-mortem analysis after each event is crucial for refining future strategies.

Access valuable analytics to gain insights into event performance and attendee behavior with Nexl’s CRM Functions

Understanding why attorneys falter in following up with prospects after an event is crucial. Several reasons contribute to this, including the fear of rejection, discomfort, and the absence of immediate results, making it easy to procrastinate. However, the primary reason is often lawyers returning to the office, prioritizing other tasks, and relegating follow-up activities to the backburner.

Strategies for Onsite Networking at a Speaking Event

Overcoming the challenge of neglecting post-event follow-up involves breaking the habit. One effective method is to complete follow-up activities immediately after the event by not returning to the office. Consider these tips for maximizing your event presence:

  • When scheduling the event on your calendar, allocate an additional hour for follow-up activities.
  • Bring your laptop, phone, and carry “thank you” cards in your briefcase when leaving for the event.
  • Set three goals that are immediately achievable at the event, such as engaging with specific contacts and offering valuable insights.
  • Commit to providing a freebie to someone approaching you after your presentation.
  • Express gratitude to the event organizer and express interest in future participation.

Sending Follow-Up Emails

After onsite networking, heading to a coffee shop instead of the office can enhance follow-up effectiveness. Consider these steps:

  • Send a concise thank-you email to event contacts, proposing continued conversation over lunch with a specific date, time, and place.
  • Deliver the promised freebie through email, reinforcing your commitment to the discussed topic.
  • Email event organizers expressing appreciation and suggesting additional topics for future collaboration.

Building a foundation for relationships via email sets the stage for more comfortable face-to-face interactions. To leave a lasting impression, consider complementing these efforts with handwritten thank-you cards.

While law firms excel in creating exceptional programs for business development, the shortfall often lies in post-event follow-up. Consider this: wouldn’t you want to be repaid for your preparation and presentation time? Establishing a follow-up plan is key, and even a modest “one-hour follow-up” exercise can yield significant benefits.

In the competitive landscape of legal marketing, the success of events extends beyond their execution to the meticulous planning and execution of post-event follow-up strategies. By addressing challenges related to limited post-event follow-up, resource constraints, and technological barriers, legal professionals can unlock the full potential of their events and maximize return on investment. Embracing technology, specifically Nexl’s Event Management Solution, is not merely a solution but a catalyst for transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and business development.

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