Event Management

Simplify Event Management.

Our Event Management solution simplifies and centralizes everything you need to handle, track, and report on all event activities, from retreats to partner conferences.

Master Your Events with Next-Level Features.

Build, segment, organize, remind, and report on your events—all in one powerful solution.


List Management

Event List Building and Audience Segmentation.

Easily segment your audience lists to connect meaningfully with the right clients. Send relevant messages to the right audience, enhancing your firm’s reputation.


Event Workspaces

Event workspaces keeps everyone at your firm aligned and organized, making planning a breeze. All event-related information are accessible in one place to help you stay organized.

QR Check-In

On-Site QR Code Check-In

Swift, secure, and paperless, it’s the modern way to welcome attendees. Embracing technology enhances the event experience, keeping attendees engaged.


RSVP Forms

Gain insights into event registrants, anticipate turnout, and tailor your preparations for the perfect gathering. Knowing the expected attendance helps in planning resources effectively.


Mastering Post-Event Follow-Ups for Lasting Success

In this #OneFirm Webinar, our panel of guest speakers dives into the world of post-event follow-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Nexl's Event Management solution suitable for all sizes of law firms?

Absolutely! Our packaged solution caters to law firms of all sizes, from small boutique practices to large corporate firms.

Can I integrate Nexl Events with other system?

Yes, our solution integrates seamlessly into Nexl’s CRM along with API integration into other systems, allowing you to connect it with your other systems like an email marketing tool.

How does the RSVP forms work?

The RSVP forms allow attendees to confirm their attendance and gather essential information for event planning.


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