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Relevant reports and dashboards for every team.

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Deep PowerBI Integration

Leverage the capabilities of PowerBI seamlessly within Nexl. Dive deep into your data, crafting strategies rooted in concrete insights.

Easy Import and Embedding
Import data into PowerBI effortlessly. Moreover, embed your insightful reports across Nexl, ensuring your team always has access to crucial data.

Specialized Reports Tailored for Law Firm Teams.

Relationship and Engagement Report: Understand your client interactions, shaping client relationships that last.

Client Health Matrix Report
Gauge the health of your client relationships, identifying areas of improvement.

Relationship Whitespace Report
Uncover uncharted territories, spotting opportunities to offer more to your clients.

Marketing and Lead Activity Reports
Monitor your marketing efforts, refining strategies for optimal engagement.

Event Reports
Stay atop your events, understanding attendance, engagement, and feedback.

Revenue Intelligence for Data-Driven Strategies

Financial Reporting 
Seamlessly integrate with platforms like Aderant and 3E, ensuring your financial data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Matter and Experience Reports
Dive deep into the matters you handle, understanding trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Customer Testimonials

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Reporting by Nexl is designed with the legal industry’s nuances in mind. From Relationship Whitespace Reports to Client Health Matrix Reports, every feature resonates with law firms’ strategic needs.

Nexl ensures a deep, hassle-free integration with PowerBI, allowing law firms to harness its capabilities without any technical hurdles.

Revolutionize Your Decision Making

Experience the power of Reporting by Nexl.

Nexl’s 2023 Law Firm Growth Strategy Report

Relationships are the lifeblood of the legal world. That’s why we conducted a comprehensive survey. The report dives into the growth strategies employed by law firms and the challenges they face.






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