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Give Your Data a Home.

Transform your data from scattered fragments into a cohesive powerhouse with our innovative solutions.


Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and Drop Database Builder.

Effortlessly manage vital info and assets. Centralize accolades, organize panels, track seconded pros, meet deadlines, stay updated on events, plan content, access team details swiftly, foster global ties, showcase expertise.


Create Powerful Data Pipelines.

Seamlessly track and manage essential information and assets.


Move Beyond Spreadsheets.

Tailor your data management with customizable fields. Effortlessly import with drag-and-drop. Stay organized with structured lists. Never miss a beat with automated reminders.


Embedded Reporting.

Real-time insights at your fingertips, making informed decisions a breeze.


Collaboration Spaces.

Craft and share essential content, all within the Nexl ecosystem.


Everything your team needs to effectively market your law firm.

Here’s all the ways law firms can leverage Nexl.

List Management

Effortlessly segment and manage your contacts for targeted communication.

Campaign Management

Orchestrate your marketing campaigns with precision and ease.

Email Campaigns

Create and send compelling emails that captivate your audience

Campaign Analytics

Measure your impact with insightful analytics for every campaign.

Email Templates

Utilize customizable templates for quick, professional emails every time.

Client Surveys

Gather valuable feedback directly from clients to refine your services.

Preference Management

Tailor your outreach by managing subscriber preferences effectively.

Consent Management

Stay compliant with robust consent tracking and management.


19 Tips for Effective Post-Event Follow-Ups

In the fast-paced professional networking and business development landscape, successfully navigating post-event follow-up is the linchpin to maximizing your Return on Event (ROE).

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Apps by Nexl support law firm operations specifically?

Apps by Nexl is designed considering the unique data management needs of law firms, from tracking experience databases to managing panel arrangements.

Can we integrate Apps by Nexl with our existing systems?

Absolutely! Our powerful data pipeline with API integrations ensures you can seamlessly integrate with your current systems.


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