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Email marketing. Simpler, easier, and more effective.

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Email Campaigns

Unleash the power of targeted emails with a suite tailored to law firm marketing.

Drag and Drop Email Builder
Craft your messages with ease. No coding, no fuss.

Unlimited Email Templates
Choose from an array of designs, ensuring each campaign stands out.

Marketing Analytics
Track your campaign’s performance with precision, making informed decisions for future outreach

Collaborative List Builder

Collaborate efficiently. Plan events and campaigns in unified workspaces.

Event Workspaces
Organize and execute your law events seamlessly, all in one place.

Campaign Workspaces
Bring your team together, ensuring everyone’s on the same page for each campaign.

Marketing Compliance & Preferences

Stay compliant effortlessly. Understand and respect your contacts’ preferences.

Built-In Marketing Preference Management
Navigate the complexities of marketing preferences with a tool designed for clarity and simplicity.

Easy Consent Management
Ensure GDPR and other regulations are met with our streamlined consent tools.

Marketing Preference Forms
Give your contacts the power to choose, enhancing trust and engagement.

Event Management

Simplify your event logistics. Make every event a success.

RSVP Forms
Easily manage attendees and gauge interest.

On-site QR Code Event Check-ins
Speed up the check-in process, making a great first impression.

Content & Lead Management

Maximize your content’s impact. Nurture leads effectively.

Content Download Forms
Share valuable insights, white papers, and more, while tracking engagement.

Lead Activities and Management
Understand your leads, their behaviors, and tailor your approach.

Data Enrichment
Dive deeper into your contacts, ensuring your outreach is always relevant.

Bounce Email Tracking
Maintain a clean and effective email list, ensuring your messages always land.

Customer Testimonials

Real Results, Real Satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Nexl’s EMS is crafted with the unique challenges and requirements of law firms in mind, from compliance to event management.

Absolutely! Nexl’s EMS supports smooth integrations to ensure you retain all valuable data and contacts.


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