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A modern, easy to use email marketing tool for law firms.

Embrace the simplicity of crafting beautiful, on-brand emails that captivate your audience at first glance. With our intuitive platform, creating impactful communications becomes a seamless part of your workflow, eliminating complexity and enabling focus on what truly matters: connecting with your clients and prospects effectively.

Send emails as easily as using Outlook, enhanced with the robust capabilities of marketing automation.

Learn how Nexl helped Michelle the Marketer go from struggling to thriving. 


Drag and Drop Builder

Easily create stunning emails.

Leverage Nexl’s intuitive drag-and-drop email builder to create beautiful, on-brand emails that display perfectly across all devices.

List Builder

Collaborative List Builder​

Collaborate efficiently. Plan events and campaigns in unified workspaces.


Every send, open and click tracked.

Access comprehensive marketing analytics directly within Nexl CRM. Nexl Engage seamlessly tracks all your marketing engagements without the need for additional integration.


Everything your team needs to effectively market your law firm.

Here’s all the ways law firms can leverage Nexl.

List Management

Effortlessly segment and manage your contacts for targeted communication.

Campaign Management

Orchestrate your marketing campaigns with precision and ease.

Email Campaigns

Create and send compelling emails that captivate your audience

Campaign Analytics

Measure your impact with insightful analytics for every campaign.

Email Templates

Utilize customizable templates for quick, professional emails every time.

Client Surveys

Gather valuable feedback directly from clients to refine your services.

Preference Management

Tailor your outreach by managing subscriber preferences effectively.

Consent Management

Stay compliant with robust consent tracking and management.


Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Email Marketing

In this #OneFirm webinar, join Nexl’s CEO Philipp Thurner and Chief Growth Officer Ben Chiriboga and learn how this innovative strategy can revolutionize your law firm’s email campaigns, enabling you to create messages that deeply resonate with clients, ultimately fostering more robust relationships. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Nexl's EMS cater specifically to law firms?

Nexl’s EMS is crafted with the unique challenges and requirements of law firms in mind, from compliance to event management.

Can we transition from another EMS without losing data?

Absolutely! Nexl’s EMS supports smooth integrations to ensure you retain all valuable data and contacts.


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