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Team Collaboration for Modern Law Firms

Docs + Sheets + Kanban boards. All in one space.

Collaboration is Key. Unlock it.

Collaboration Workspace

A dedicated space tailored for law firms. Execute any initiative seamlessly, ensuring your team collaborates effectively and stays aligned.

Capture and Organise
Centralize your campaigns and vital information.

Block Style Editing
Craft your content with flexibility.

Custom Blocks
Personalize your workspace, fitting every unique need.

Customisable Lists
Move Beyond Spreadsheets. Customisable columns and fields to fit your specific requirements.

Document Management and Sharing
Centralize your documents. Share, edit, and collaborate on them, all within a secure environment.

Objective Management

Track, manage, and align your team’s objectives, ensuring everyone is working towards the same strategic goals.

Opportunity Pipeline Management
Monitor your growth opportunities, ensuring no potential lead or initiative is overlooked.

Task Management
Assign, track, and manage tasks. Ensure your team’s productivity is always at its peak.

Automated Reminders
Never miss a beat.

List Views

View and manage in a traditional list format.

Visualize your workflow for better project management.

Schedule and track tasks, meetings, and milestones.

Other Tools

Embedded Reporting
Stay informed with real-time reports, ensuring you always have insights at your fingertips.


Nexl Templates for Workspaces
Kickstart your projects with pre-designed templates, ensuring consistency and best practices across your firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workspaces by Nexl is meticulously designed for law firms, ensuring it caters to their unique requirements and challenges.

Absolutely! Workspaces by Nexl supports integration to ensure a seamless workflow.

Drive More Collaboration

Discover the transformative power of Workspaces by Nexl.

Nexl’s 2023 Law Firm Growth Strategy Report

Relationships are the lifeblood of the legal world. That’s why we conducted a comprehensive survey. The report dives into the growth strategies employed by law firms and the challenges they face.






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