Customer Relationship Management

A Legal CRM That Is Easy To Use and Easy To Implement.

Nexl offers a simple, effective CRM solution that supports both lawyers and their marketing and BD teams. Its user-friendly design requires minimal input, automating data capture and providing essential insights effortlessly. With features like ‘Who Knows Who’, it streamlines collaboration, making it easier for everyone to excel in their roles.

Less Data Entry, More Results

Get instant access to all your firm's contacts​

Nexl CRM revolutionizes how you manage contacts by not only capturing them automatically but also enriching each profile with valuable details. This advanced segmentation capability allows you to tailor your outreach and strategies with precision, turning contacts into connections and connections into opportunities with less effort and more focus.

Nexl Collaboration and relationship insights

List Management

Easily create, manage, and share lists.

Effortlessly create, share, and update lists, fostering seamless collaboration. With Nexl, access advanced segmentation and enriched data, ensuring your lists are always relevant and powerful. Simplify your workflows, enhance team efficiency, and keep your data fresh and actionable.

Who Knows Who

Instantly see who knows who across the firm.

Uncover hidden opportunities and strengthening client relationships. Nexl’s relationship intelligence enables strategic introductions and boosts business development, ensuring every connection is leveraged for growth.

Pipeline Management

Streamline your pipeline management.

Streamline pipeline management for a comprehensive view of all opportunities within your firm. Easily track win rates, prioritize significant deals, and oversee pitches and proposals. Gain clear, accessible insights into business development activities, helping you focus on growth-driving deals.


Everything your team needs to effectively market your law firm.

Here’s all the ways law firms can leverage Nexl.

Contact Management

Centralize all contacts and companies for streamlined management.

Stay in Touch Reminders

Automated reminders ensure you maintain key relationships effectively.

Mobile App

Create and send compelling emails that captivate your audience

Outlook Add-in

Integrate Nexl with Outlook for seamless access to key CRM features.

Task Management

Assign and track tasks across the firm for better project coordination.

Tag Management

Organize clients and contacts with tags for efficient segmentation.

Workflow Automation

Leverage PowerAutomate for streamlined workflow automation.


Share notes on contacts and companies for collaborative knowledge sharing


The Future of Law Firm Growth

 In this #Onefirm Webinar, host, Nexl’s Chief Growth Officer Ben Chiriboga, sits down with some of our exceptional White Paper contributors, including Founder of rQuadrant, Ryan Purkey, Nexl’s Revenue Consultant, Lynn Tellefsen Stehle, and Managing Principal at Walker Clark LLC, Norman Clark and more! Join us for an engaging conversation on our findings and what this means for the future of law firm growth.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Nexl's CRM suitable for all law firms?

Nexl’s CRM is designed to cater to the unique needs of law firms with 50 attorneys or more.

Can I integrate Nexl's CRM with other legal tools we use?

You bet! Nexl’s CRM plays nice with popular legal software, ensuring a seamless experience for your practice.

How secure is my clients' data on Nexl's CRM?

Fort Knox secure! We prioritize data security and employ the latest encryption protocols to keep your clients’ information safe and confidential.

Does Nexl's CRM have a mobile app for on-the-go legal heroes?

Absolutely! Never miss a beat and access Nexl’s CRM from anywhere with our nifty mobile app.

Can I customize the CRM to match my unique legal workflow?

You got it! Nexl’s CRM offers customization options, so you can wield its power in a way that suits you best.


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