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Unlock the power of Nexl CRM and master its features with our specialized courses designed to guide you in harnessing the full potential of this powerful customer relationship management tool.

Getting Started with Nexl

Learn how to get started with Nexl and up your Marketing and BD game!

What is this course about?

The primary goal of this Basic Training course is to give Nexl customers the information and guidance they need to get started on the platform. In 5 short courses we will review the main functionalities and use cases of our “no-data-entry CRM” and show you on screen how your can use Nexl to better manage your relationships, explore new business opportunities and kickstart your growth projects! 

What we will cover in this course?

  • How does Nexl CRM work?
  • How can I better manage my Contacts?
  • What insights can I get on the companies we engage with?
  • How can I organize my contacts and companies by creating lists?
  • How can Nexl help me become more productive ?
  • How can I re-engage with clients to generate more revenue?
  • How can I prospect for new clients?
  • Where can I manage commercial opportunities?

Who’s this course for?

The target audience for this basic course is lawyers and marketing & business development executives of firms that have recently rolled out Nexl. The course will be particularly useful to users that did not participate in the initial training and onboarding sessions. This course can be integrated in the overall onboarding and training programs for new joiners. At Nexl, we understand it takes time and patience to get used to new technology tools. This basic course allows users to play back certain sections of the basic training motion at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want!

Nexl Projects

Learn how to create projects on Nexl to manage your growth initiatives.

Getting Started

Nexl Projects are a great way to manage your growth initiatives. Find out how they work in this introductory video.

Teams and Tasks

Learn how to operationalize your initiative by creating your Project Team and using Tasks to get things done.

SMART Objectives

SMART Objective setting is key to achieving success. This session will show how you can define and track progress towards your goals.


You growth project will generate lots of new business opportunities. Here we share how you can create and manage your pipeline to turn relationships into actual revenue.

Adding or Linking Documents

Make key documents related to your project easy to find: on Nexl Projects, you can upload them from your desktop or link directly to files on your DMS.

Project Lists

Lists are the heart of every growth project. Learn how to create Contact Lists, Company lists and Generic lists in your Project.

Managing your Firm's CRM and RevOps cloud

Take the Driving Seat! Get familiar with Nexl Admin functionalities and learn how to manage the platform.

What is this course about?

This Nexl Admin Course will go into more detail on the functionalities that are accessible to Admin users only. Admin users have access to firm-wide contact lists and engagement data, and take ownership of some of the processes that are managed on Nexl. It will cover more complex use cases and offer deeper insights into the way firms can link up their growth strategy with the usage of the Nexl platform. Nexl’s Admin users play an active role in the firm’s growth agenda. 

What we will cover in this course?

  • User and access level management
  • Tag management
  • Importing data from spreadsheets
  • Managing firm-wide marketing lists
  • Data Management and Stewardship

Who’s this course for?

Profiles that take this course typically include CMBDOs, office managers, business development and marketing executives, data stewards, project managers, and anyone that is responsible for CRM or accountable for the growth strategy of the firm.

Revenue Operations: Manage Your Growth Initiatives With Nexl Projects

Learn how to create projects on Nexl to manage your growth initiatives.

What is this course about?

The objective of this course to make users familiar with our collaboration and project management modules. At Nexl, we believe that a CRM is useless without a purpose. You will want to put your data and relationship insights to good use! Whether it is a key account program, a business plan, or a credential tracker, Nexl offers a dedicated place to manage such projects effectively.  This course will explain how you can create and manage your Marketing and BD initiatives and engage in true Revenue Operations.

What we will cover in this course?

  • What is Revenue Operations 
  • How do Nexl Project Work
  • How can you operationalize your initiatives to enhance execution?
  • What are SMART objectives and how can you set these in a Nexl Project?
  • How can you track outcomes and business opportunities in a Nexl Project?
  • How can you add documents and other files to a Project?
  • How can you create and manage lists in Nexl Projects?
  • How can I make use of Nexl Templates?

Who’s this course for?

The target audience for this course is lawyers, account managers, and marketing & business development executives of firms that have recently rolled out Nexl. The list of use cases is endless, and Nexl’s workspaces can be used equally by executives in Human Capital Managers, Operations, Finance, Innovation, Know-how, and Pricing.  The course will be particularly useful for users that want to run specific initiatives and seek a shared space that can tap into existing contacts, companies and relationships intelligence on your CRM.

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