Relationship Intelligence

Nexl provides deep relationship insights to give your team a competitive edge.

Automatically capture key data and gain critical insights into your firm’s networks and client engagements with Nexl’s ERM. Know who connects with whom and how deeply, fueling proactive business development and a competitive edge.

Every email and meeting is automatically tracked, mapped, and enriched.

Watch how Nexl is changing the game for relationship intelligence.



Wow Your Clients with Proactive Insights

Nexl enables proactive responses to market shifts and regulatory updates by offering insights into clients across industries, sectors, and locations. It reveals who knows them and how they’re engaged by different practice groups, helping you tailor your strategy to impress and retain clients effectively.

Cross Selling

Easily identify cross-selling opportunities.

Nexl maps and enriches every interaction—emails, meetings—to offer precise insights into client engagements, revealing cross-selling opportunities. This streamlined intelligence supports strategic connections and business growth, enhancing firm success.

Who Knows Who

Instantly see who knows who across the firm.

Uncover hidden opportunities and strengthening client relationships. Nexl’s relationship intelligence enables strategic introductions and boosts business development, ensuring every connection is leveraged for growth.


Everything you need to unlock the full potential of your firm’s networks

Here’s all the ways law firms can leverage Nexl.

Passive Engagement Tracking

Automatically capture interaction data for insightful relationship management.

Who Knows Who

Reveal internal connections to foster collaboration and uncover opportunities.

Engagement Insights

Gain actionable insights into client interactions and preferences.


Identify opportunities to offer additional services to existing clients

Data Enrichment

Enhance your contact and company data for more informed decision-making.

Relationship Mapping

Visualize the strength and scope of your firm’s relationships.


The Importance of Relationship Data in Law Firms

Discover how meticulous management of client relationships, contacts, and interactions can significantly impact the success and growth of legal practices.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Nexl's ERM suitable for all law firms?

Nexl’s ERM is designed to cater to the unique needs of law firms with 50 attorneys and greater.

Can I integrate Nexl's ERM with other legal tools we use?

You bet! Nexl’s ERM plays nice with popular legal software, ensuring a seamless experience for your practice.

How secure is my clients' data on Nexl's ERM?

Fort Knox secure! We prioritize data security and employ the latest encryption protocols to keep your clients’ information safe and confidential.

Does Nexl's ERM have a mobile app for on-the-go legal heroes?

Absolutely! Never miss a beat and access Nexl’s ERM from anywhere with our nifty mobile app.


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