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Our all-in-one marketing platform is built to do everything the modern law firm marketer needs to get done.

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Event Management

Pre, During, After.

Foster networking opportunities, showcase expertise, and enhance client engagement with end-to-end event management.

Email Marketing

Built for Legal Marketers.

Target communications, foster client relationships, and disseminate valuable legal insights using Nexl’s Email Marketing System (EMS).

Content Calendar

For Busy Teams.

Streamline your content plan for consistent creation, timely client communication, and organized thought leadership.


Nexl Supports All Your Marketing Programs.

Here’s all the ways marketers can leverage Nexl.

Event Organization

Streamline the planning and management of your events.


Keep your audience engaged with timely and relevant content.

Email Segmentation

Target your audience with precision and improve your conversion rates.

Key Client Program

Strengthen and manage your relationships with key stakeholders.

Account-Based Marketing

Create and run tailored campaigns for specific accounts

Thought Leadership

Position your brand as a leader in the industry.

Content Creation

Position your brand as a leader in the industry.


Maximizing Email Marketing:
FB Rice's Success Story with Nexl

Watch FB Rice‘s Head of Business Development, Jenny Williamson, share how using Nexl to segment audiences helped them increase their email marketing ROI.


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