Beyond the Event: Building Lasting Connections in the Legal World

April 16, 2024

Imagine this:

You just got home after three action-packed days at the 2024 LMA Conference. You sat in on incredible sessions, watched the St. Louis Cardinals take on the San Diego Padres with Nexl, Mondaq, and ikaun, shook hands, reunited with familiar faces, collected some epic swag, and connected over beers and hot dogs.

But now that the overall excitement and adrenaline of the event is over, how do you keep up with all the connections you just made? How are you supposed to keep the relationship growing when you’re no longer face-to-face or even in the same State (or country) with folks you just met?

“Keep-in-touch” reminders are handy to ensure you are always connected. 

While attending events and conferences can be a great way to make initial connections, building lasting relationships beyond a 3-day stint requires genuine and meaningful follow-up.

Here are six strategies you can implement to help you continue building and growing meaningful connections long after the closing remarks.

Dive into Digital Hangouts:

Imagine the online world as a bustling metropolis, and you are on a quest to find your tribe. Your go-to spots are digital hangouts – think LinkedIn circles, Twitter debates, or niche legal forums. Don’t just lurk in the shadows; jump into conversations, share your legal gems, and be the go-to person for advice. It’s like being at a never-ending professional party without needing a dress code.

Make “Virtual Coffees” Your Thing:

Remember the thrill of catching up with an old friend over coffee? Recreate that warmth and connection with your professional contacts through regular “virtual coffees.” Make these sessions your ritual, whether a quick phone catch-up or a face-to-face video chat. Share stories, laugh about industry quirks, and support each other. It’s your personal touch in a digital world.

Rendezvous IRL (In Real Life):

There’s magic in meeting face-to-face that digital pixels can’t capture. Organize or join laid-back meetups, be it a casual lunch in the city or an impromptu gathering at a legal event. These are the moments where professional masks can slip a bit, allowing you to connect on a deeper level, forge lasting bonds, and share laughter and insights without a screen in between.

Become a Resource Guru:

Be someone who always has the perfect article, tool, or advice. Exchange resources with your connections like you’re sharing hidden treasures. It’s not just about being helpful; it’s about starting meaningful dialogues and showing your investment in nourishing your relationships.

Document Management: Keep all your resources in one centralized location that makes it perfect for sharing and collaboration, all within a secure environment.

Co-Create Success Stories:

Spot a project that ignites passion in both you and a contact? Join forces and dive into it together. Whether championing a cause, launching an initiative, or kickstarting a joint venture, collaborating on projects is like mixing dynamite with a spark—it can lead to explosive success and a stronger bond.

Workspaces – A dedicated space tailored for law firms. Execute any initiative seamlessly, ensuring your team collaborates effectively and stays aligned.

Elevate by Giving Back:

The legal world thrives on wisdom passed from one generation to the next. Engage in mentoring, lead workshops, or share your insights at events. Giving back is not just about contributing to the profession’s growth; it’s about building a legacy and connecting with others who are just as passionate about making a difference.

With these strategies, you’re not just networking; you’re crafting a vibrant tapestry of connections that are as meaningful as they are beneficial. Which strategies are most up your alley?

Have you ever felt the pain of chasing up outdated contact details or dealing with duplicate entries after a big event? Well, say goodbye to that daily grind and let Nexl step in.

Want more relationship-building tips? Check out Nexl’s recent #OneFirm webinar, where our esteemed panelists discuss Mastering Post-Event Follow-Ups for Lasting Success.

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