Franczek P.C. Partners with Nexl to Streamline Client Relationship Management, Driving Growth

May 18, 2023

No More Missed Opportunities: Accurate Data and Next-Gen CRM Platform from Nexl Empowers Franczek P.C.

Franczek P.C. is a premier boutique law firm based in Chicago, focusing in the areas of labor and employment as well as education law. For over 29 years, the firm has provided exceptional legal services to clients, including Fortune 100 companies, small and large businesses, and educational institutions nationwide. With a focused and clearly defined practice, Franczek provides a personal approach and exceptional value by concentrating on select areas of law.  

Franczek P.C. is facing a common challenge of managing relationship and contact data for effective marketing efforts. Nexl provides Franczek with a no-data entry, next-generation CRM and revenue operations platform that digitizes and streamlines their operations, solving their challenge.  

With Nexl, Franczek P.C. can now reliably capture its entire client relationship data history in a way it was not able to before, resulting in better relationship tracking, improved project management, and new business opportunities.  Through the platform, Franczek will be able to gain real-time insights into their clients, identify areas of strength in their relationships, and discover opportunities for referrals. Additionally, the platform will assist in effectively managing tasks and projects while promoting collaboration within the firm. With these capabilities Franczek will be able to achieve growth by enhancing key client relationships, streamlining onboarding processes, and expanding into new sectors. 

“We are excited to partner with Nexl to take our client relationship management to the next level,” said Zach Gray, Marketing Coordinator at Franczek P.C. “Their innovative platform and sophisticated no-data entry system will allow us to focus on our core business while improving marketing efforts and driving growth.”

Zach Gray, Marketing Coordinator at Franczek P.C.

Nexl’s legal CRM platform offers a range of features designed to help law firms streamline their business development to drive growth and improve client engagement. Nexl’s library of law firm growth templates will also help Franczek P.C. successfully launch their marketing projects. With Nexl, law firms can improve their efficiency and effectiveness in business development, leading to increased revenue and client satisfaction.  

“We’re excited to work with Franczek P.C. and provide them with help to streamline their client relationship management,” said Sean Polden, Business Development Manager at Nexl . “With accurate and up-to-date relationship and contact data available through Nexl’s no-data entry platform, Franczek P.C. can focus on more effective marketing and have more meaningful engagements with their most important clients.” 

Sean Polden, Business Development Manager at Nexl

Nexl eliminates the burden of inputting and cleaning data, saving valuable time and resources. That data is turned into information— data organized to be useful for communication and decision-making—via an easy-to-use and collaborative platform. Nexl will enable Franczek P.C. to execute business development strategies across their law firm and deliver a top-caliber customer experience at scale.  

At Nexl, we’re excited to continue to support law firms with their business growth and turn more relationships into revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about the Nexl CRM or Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud, please reach out and schedule a demo

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