Generate More Referrals (And Win Back Some Domestic Clients)

Nexl helps domestic law firms generate more international referrals and outcompete their international competitors through referral partnerships.

The Market Competition

If you asked most domestic firms 20 years ago whom they considered their #1 market competition, many would probably answer a fellow domestic firm in their immediate space or perhaps a “growing” firm in some adjacent countries or market.

Unfortunately, for most domestic firms over the last twenty years, globalisation and the rise of BIGLaw and the BIG 4, have fundamentally changed the legal market for many top-tier domestic firms.

Today, if you asked most domestic firm who their #1 competition was, almost without hesitation, many would answer the ever-encroaching hand of BIGLaw (Dentons, Clifford Chance) and the BIG 4 (EY, PwC, Deloitte).

Nexl is here to help domestic law firms take back their domestic clients, by helping top-tier domestic firms – like you – build and manage an international support network, that allows firms to not only compete, but win.

What Are the Contents of this Guide?

Our guide will cover the following topics:

  • How to stay relevant in a globalized economy
  • Centralized approach to strategy
  • Understanding your referral activities
  • An easy way to track referrals
  • Growing your international client base
  • And many more

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