Accelerating Revenue Growth

In today’s hyper competitive and fragmented legal marketplace, there is no easy road to growth.

A Roadmap to Success

In today’s hyper competitive and fragmented legal marketplace, there is no easy road to growth. Law firms have a range of artificial options to increase revenues: international expansion, domestic or cross-border mergers and acquisitions, diversification of service offering (adding new practice areas), product innovation, or the onboarding of lateral teams.

But the single most important way to increase revenue is through organic growth and the optimization of the firm’s core commercial capabilities. Creating a strong internal business development function has become an absolute priority for law firms that are confronted with increased competitive forces in a rapidly changing industry. The final responsibility for growth lies with the lawyers themselves. Larger firms have built sophisticated business development and marketing support systems to sustain and enhance the commercial capabilities of the lawyers; but in the end, the lawyers themselves have the relationships that matter and need to play the main role.

What Are the Contents of this Guide?

Our guide will cover the following topics:

  • Nexl’s Client Revenue Flywheel
  • Sales enablement
  • Strategic client management
  • Account based marketing
  • Project management for business developers
  • And many more

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