How to Run Your Key Client Program on Nexl

KCP programs are sometimes referred to as Key Account Management (KAM) Programs or Strategic Account Management (SAM) Programs.

What Is a Key Client Program?

Key Client Programs (“KCP”) are designed to keep a clear focus on the law firm’s most important clients. These can be both clients that are currently generating the most revenues, or clients where there is strong growth potential.

Our guide on How to Run Your Key Client Program will help you understand the following:

  • Why do law firms have Key Client Programs?
  • How do Key Client Programs work?
  • How to use Nexl Project to run your Key Client Program?
  • Create ownership and collaboration to manage your Key Client Program

What Are the Outcomes of Having a Key Client Program?

By having a Key Client Program, your law firm should be able to achieve the following results:

  • Stronger client relationships, both on an individual and institutional level.
  • Better internal alignment and cross-practice collaboration.
  • A better client experience that delivers higher value for money.
  • Increases in client revenues and resilient relationships.
  • A sound commercial and proactive approach to client development.

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