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Contact Interactions. Who Knows Who. Client Engagement. Nexl gives you the relationship data to power CRM, ERM and collaboration in one week - no data-entry needed.

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How Nexl Works

Nexl automatically captures all of your firm's interactions with clients, prospective clients and/or referral sources, analyzing and enriching those interactions into actionable relationship insights.
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Why We're Different

Unlike other platforms, Nexl was built for modern law firms looking to grow.

Intapp’s Gwabbit solution antagonizes data stewardship issues, complexity, and duplication issues.

Intapp’s core functionality was development for investment directors focused on deal origination and hence ill-mapped for relationship selling.

Unlike Nexl, Intapp’s CRM was built for the financial services industry (not the legal industry) and contains unnecessary functionality

Intapp’s team environment has been reported as complicated to maneuver leading to frustrated lawyers and mis-aligned teams.

InterAction requires a heavy burden of data stewardship, failing to use today’s data enrichment and real-time data capture.

InterAction lacks the flexibility to provide business development teams with the opportunity tracking that teams need.

Although revolutionary when launched, law firm marketing and BD have outpaced InterAction’s core feature functionality.

InterAction does not provide lawyers with a simple, clear, personalized environment to manage relationships.

Nexl eliminates data stewardship though the use of data enrichment and real-time data capture

Nexl helps business development see, track, map and report on opportunities based on history, practice and location.

Nexl maps to modern law firm marketing and BD initiatives such as practice areas/sector plans and cross-practice collaboration.

Nexl provides lawyers with a complete list of all their relationships, constantly updated in real-time.

Why Law Firms Love Nexl

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Revenue Operations is the future of law firm revenue growth

The legal market has changed. To stay competitive, law firms must now function as one team. Revenue Operations aligns your law firm, breaks down team siloes, and helps your law firm execute revenue initiatives.

Nexl Raises $4 Million to Expand Its Mission of Changing the Way Companies Grow

Nexl, the no-data-entry, next-generation CRM and Revenue Operations platform, has successfully raised $4 million, with participation from leading Australian-based B2B venture capital firm EVP with follow-on participation from The Legal Tech Fund, Vulpes and Saniel Ventures and several prominent law firms that are already using Nexl’s platform to drive growth and improve client outcomes.

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