Nexl helps lawyers, marketers, and BD work together to grow the firm.

Give your law firm the tools it needs to nurture client relationships, run marketing campaigns, and generate new clients — all on one platform.

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Manage your law firm's marketing, business and client development on Nexl.

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Nexl Collaboration and relationship insights

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Nexl automates relationship management, reducing data entry and simplifying how you view firm connections and manage your pipeline.

With Nexl's CRM, you can...

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Leverage Nexl’s Relationship Intelligence for unique insights into firm activities, transforming connections into growth opportunities and outpacing competitors.

With Nexl's Relationship Intelligence, you can...

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Nexl enhances law firm email marketing with easy creation, reliable delivery, and analytics for improved engagement and fewer unsubscribes.

With Nexl's Email Marketing, you can...

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Nexl provides collaborative workspaces tailor-made for law firms, enabling seamless integration of project management, strategy, and operations—all built on your relationship data. Simplify and enhance your team’s workday in one comprehensive platform.

With Nexl's Workspaces, you can...

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Nexl streamlines law firm event management from planning to follow-up, offering templates, collaborative spaces, and tracking in one efficient solution.

With Nexl's Event Management, you can...

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One platform for all your law firm needs.​

Nexl helps you consolidate your tech stack into one platform designed for law firms. That means more simplicity and more savings.

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Supporting your growth every step of the way.

Global customer support.

Nexl has decades of legal industry experience across all major cities and time zones. 

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Security first.

Nexl prioritizes security, designed to meet the legal industry’s stringent IT and privacy standards. Our robust system supports law firms globally and aligns with top infrastructures, having cleared over 100 strict security checks. With Nexl’s Trust Center, enjoy live data monitoring and controls for complete data protection assurance.

Global Reach.

Integrated with leading law firm infrastructure globally, Nexl supports firms of all sizes.

Proven Security.

Over 100+ successful security checks affirm our high security standards.

Legal Expertise.

Built by legal experts, tailored for law firm-specific IT, data, and privacy needs.

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