How to Manage your Sector Expansion Projects on Nexl

Sector-based Expansion Porjects is all about cross-practice collaboration and creating an integrated approach to align all teams and resources.

What Is A Sector Expansion Project?

A Sector Expansion Projects is a business development (“BD”) plan for a strategic sector invites team leaders to develop a vision on how to grow and build the firm’s footprint in a specific sector or industry, and then create a process to execute on that vision. 

Our guide on Sector Expansion Projects will help you understand the following:

  • What does a sector business development plan look like?
  • How can your firm benefit from sectorbased business development?
  • What are the desired outcomes of sector-based business development?
  • How does Sector-based Business Development work?
  • How to use Nexl Projects to Run your Sector Initiative?

What Are the Outcomes of Having a Sector Expansion Project?

By having a Sector Expansion Project, your law firm should be able to achieve the following results:

  • Better understand your current (market) position and set a direction for growth.
  • Develop a roadmap with milestones to help reach your goals.
  • Set clear and measurable objectives to guide your efforts and monitor your progress.
  • Map your current client base in a specific sector to identify your priorities and opportunities.
  • Anticipate legal/commercial conflicts of interest and develop clear priorities in strategic market segments.

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