The Ripple Effect: How Your Actions Can Create Impact






April 11, 2024


Ben Chiriboga, John Eix
Professional Development
Skills and Tools

Launching new initiatives can be an exhilarating yet daunting journey. In this episode, our host, Ben Chirigoba, Chief Growth Officer at Nexl, is joined by John Eix, Director at Crowe & Dunlevy, to explore the power of the ripple effect and how it emphasizes the impact of small actions and the importance of authenticity.

Drawing inspiration from John’s experience of starting a nonprofit, they uncover the profound influence that small conversations and actions can have in creating positive change. John’s story is a testament that even the smallest gestures can significantly impact.

Applying the principles of the ripple effect in the professional setting requires being proactive, valuing oneself, and permitting oneself to have an impact. John and Ben delve into strategies for navigating challenges, embracing the gains of launching new initiatives, and understanding the ripple effects that can be created along the way.

Building relationships and mentoring others emerge as key components of creating these ripple effects in the professional world. John and Ben explore how fostering meaningful connections and sharing knowledge can empower individuals to contribute positively.

Join Ben and John as they explore the ripple effect, uncover the transformative power of small actions, and discover how embracing authenticity can create a lasting impact. Tune in to gain insights on navigating challenges, cultivating proactive mindsets, and building relationships that can amplify your professional journey.

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