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January 17, 2024


Ben Chiriboga, Allan Carton, Paul Roberts
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Client Listening
Collective Listening
Law Firm Success

Prepare for an engaging episode of This Legal Life as we welcome Allan Carton and Paul Roberts to the conversation. Join host Ben Chiriboga as they dive into the transformative power of client listening in the legal industry.

In this episode, Allan and Paul share their expertise and insights on why law firms need to shift from individual to collective listening. Discover practical strategies to kickstart your journey towards meaningful results as they provide actionable advice on how to get started.

Prepare to be inspired by real success stories and valuable lessons learned from the field. Learn how active listening can catalyze client satisfaction and business growth, revolutionizing the way legal services are delivered.

Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover the secrets of client listening and tap into its remarkable potential to transform the legal industry. Join us on This Legal Life as we explore the power of client feedback and elevate the standard of legal services through active engagement.

Meet Allan and Paul:

ALLAN CARTON has over 20 years of experience supporting law firms in designing and delivering client listening strategies. He helps firms adapt and improve their approaches to capture, evaluate, and utilize valuable client feedback to tap into new opportunities and meet evolving client expectations. Allan’s approach emphasizes active listening, open communication, and responsiveness, enabling law firms to make informed decisions and drive business growth through client satisfaction.

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About Allan

 Client Listening Services

PAUL ROBERTS is CEO and co-founder of MyCustomerLens, the always-on client listening platform for law firms seeking a competitive advantage. Paul has a passion for using customer data to drive better business outcomes. He began his career as a direct marketer in financial services before switching to the customer & revenue growth team at PwC Australia. MyCustomerLens was born from the realization that AI could be used to speed up and scale up the process of turning unstructured feedback into simple, actionable insights.

Learn More:

MyCustomerLens – always-on client listening 

Case study – how Shoosmiths has embraced always-on client listening 

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