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Nexl Projects

Learn how to create projects on Nexl to manage your growth initiatives.

Getting Started

Nexl Projects are a great way to manage your growth initiatives. Find out how they work in this introductory video.

Teams and Tasks

Learn how to operationalize your initiative by creating your Project Team and using Tasks to get things done.

SMART Objectives

SMART Objective setting is key to achieving success. This session will show how you can define and track progress towards your goals.


You growth project will generate lots of new business opportunities. Here we share how you can create and manage your pipeline to turn relationships into actual revenue.

Adding or Linking Documents

Make key documents related to your project easy to find: on Nexl Projects, you can upload them from your desktop or link directly to files on your DMS.

Project Lists

Lists are the heart of every growth project. Learn how to create Contact Lists, Company lists and Generic lists in your Project.





Prueba Nuestras Plantillas

Las mejores plantillas comerciales de su clase diseñadas para líderes de bufetes de abogados. Saca horas de tu planificación.

Únete al movimiento #OneFirm

Únase a cientos de bufetes de abogados que utilizan la plataforma Revenue Operations de Nexl para alinear y servir a los clientes como #OneFirm.​

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