Ultimate Guide to ABM for Law Firms

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) allows you to align your lawyers, marketing and business development teams to develop stronger relationships, promote long-term business growth and boost revenue.

What Is Account Based Marketing?

In a nutshell, Account-Based Marketing is a focused growth strategy for your law firm in which your lawyers, marketing and business development teams collaborate to create personalized buying experiences for a carefully identified set of high-value clients.

ABM is a focused growth strategy to align your firm
around high-value clients.

Contents of this White Paper

  • What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?
  • Why is ABM the best strategy for law firms?
  • Common problems ABM can solve
  • What are the key benefits for law firms using ABM?
  • Planning, implementing and optimizing your ABM initiative
  • Using Nexl’s Revenue Operations Platform for ABM
  • Forging strong relationships with target-account decision-makers

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