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Better Client Relationships

Today, law firms face increase competition everywhere. Nexl empowers lawyers with the relationship data they need to deepen client relationships for their practice – even in a digital environment.

Faster, More Efficient Business Development

To stay competitive, law firms must now function as #OneFirm. Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud helps lawyers grow their practice, maintain healthy relationships with current clients, and contribute meaningfully to firm-wide business development efforts.

Grow Your Practice with New Clients

Expanding your books of business is the faster route to promotion. Nexl empowers lawyers with the relationship insights they need to understand who knows who within your firm.

Stay Connected with Current Clients

In today’s competitive environment, delivering great work is table stakes. Nexl empowers lawyers to deepen client relationships – beyond the matter – with actionable triggers to stay in touch and remain relevant.

Engage in Firm-Wide Business Development Initiatives

On average, Nexl reduces lawyer business-development time by 68%. Nexl was designed to give lawyers the efficiency they need to participate in firm-wide collaborative efforts that benefit all.

How Nexl Helps Lawyers

Everything you need to grow your practice while serving your clients.

Lawyers love our no-data-entry CRM​

Take contact updating off your to-do list and into the hands of powerful automation and enrichment. 

Identify New Client Opportunities

Nexl provides lawyers with access full-enriched prospective new client lists based on your current client engagements and relationships. See who within your firm or contacts for referrals.

Nurture Clients with SAMs.
Generate Clients with ABM

Today, client’s demand a full-service experience and Law Firms. That means lawyers are routinely tasked with firm-wide initiatives. Nexl provides lawyers with high BD automation, allowing lawyers to do more with less (and freeing up time for collaboration).

Ready to Empower Your Lawyers?

Turn your lawyers into effective, collaborative business developers. Nexl is easy to try and implement.

Empower Your Law Firm Teams

Learn how Nexl works for your entire law firm.

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