Nexl Will Help J&O Law Expand Client and VC Ecosystem Relationships

June 22, 2022
More exciting things are happening at Nexl. We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with J&O.

J&O is a collective of attorneys supporting high-growth companies as they scale. With headquarters in New York and South Florida, and team members in Chicago, Boston, and Austin, their main areas of practice are General Corporate & Venture Finance, Technology Transactions & Privacy, and Employment. J&O’s outside general counsel model is built on regular, purpose-driven engagement, acting as an extension of clients’ teams.


“We realize that our clients’ success is intertwined with our own, and it’s the most rewarding for our team to work deeply with clients – connecting on a consistent basis to discuss multiple facets of the business. This approach allows us to be the proactive lawyers we want to be, guiding our companies through fast-paced, but thoughtful growth” explains Christina Oshan, J&O’s Co-Founder. “Visualizing communication through Nexl is becoming a handy tool for keeping a pulse on our client engagements.” 


Outside of providing top-tier legal services, an integral part of J&O’s value-add is its network.

Lily Frost, J&O’s Director of Business Development & Legal Operations, says “As a law firm that is introduced to new clients exclusively by referrals from existing relationships, most CRMs didn’t speak to us. Nexl is helping us deepen those existing relationships and expand our network so we can connect clients with investors, co-counsels, and service providers. The who-knows-who feature of Nexl offers visibility into team-wide connections (and their full relationship history), enabling more warm reach outs than I thought possible.”


Nexl also offers a built-in database of contact information for 450 million professionals across 15 million companies for research and prospecting.


Nexl provides not only a picture of everyone that J&O has collectively interacted with (automatically pulled from email, with LinkedIn pages included, no manual entry necessary), for the purpose of facilitating helpful intros for their clients, but their operations team can also easily generate lists for events, newsletters, holiday gifts, etc. .

From VP of Sales at Nexl, Ian Stewart, “J&O helps some of the most innovative technology companies scale with incredible focus and attention. They place great emphasis on forming deep partnerships and operating as an integral part of their clients’ teams. This makes them a perfect fit for leveraging Nexl’s client relationship management platform to great effect. We’re excited to help them deliver world-class service by overcoming information silos, connecting the firm, and cutting out countless hours of manual spreadsheet work in the process.”

At Nexl, we’re excited to continue to support law firms with their revenue growth, helping them turn more relationships into revenue. If you are interested in learning more about the Nexl CRM or Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud, please reach out and schedule a demo here.

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