Leading UK Law Firm Marriott Harrison Partners with Nexl to Transform Client Management and Drive Growth

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London Law Firm Leverages Nexl to Streamline Operations, Foster Collaboration, and Deliver Exceptional Client Experience

Marriott Harrison, a UK-based law firm offering advisory and transactional services to clients building, scaling and evolving businesses through M&A, venture capital, and the complex challenges related to growing, operating, financing and selling companies, has partnered with Nexl to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and drive sustainable growth.  

Nexl, the no-data-entry Collaborative Relationship Management platform, will empower Marriott Harrison’s lawyers to make data-driven decisions to drive business development, achieve revenue targets, streamline resource planning, and enhance business development efforts by providing insights into relationships, referrals, and mutual connections. By equipping the firm with the tools to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and optimize their overall performance. 

“As a firm focused on companies of the future, Marriott Harrison is delighted to be partnering with Nexl,” said Dianne Skurray, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Marriott Harrison LLP. 
“Nexl demonstrates a real understanding of law firms and how relationships are developed and grown. We are excited to have Nexl alongside us as we focus on helping our clients develop their businesses, supporting smart, informed decision-making.” 

Nexl encourages collaboration and cross-selling, which is essential for driving growth. With Nexl’s platform, lawyers at Marriott Harrison can seamlessly share information, collaborate on matters in workspaces, and identify potential cross-selling opportunities by identifying who knows who within the firm, leading to increased efficiency and revenue generation. 

Furthermore, Nexl’s platform provides law firms with tools to track and manage client engagement, event invitations, and history of activities, fostering a proactive and personalized approach to client relationships. 

Marriott Harrison’s partnership with Nexl demonstrates the firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional client services. By leveraging Nexl, Marriott Harrison is well-positioned to enhance operational efficiency, strengthen client relationships, and drive growth. 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Marriott Harrison, a law firm committed to delivering world-class service to their customers,” said Marius Bathma, EMEA Sales Executive at Nexl. “Through our collaboration, Marriott Harrison will gain access to valuable relationship insights and the metrics needed to be more targeted in marketing and business development initiatives. We have full confidence that our partnership will be a success, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on Marriott Harrison’s business.”  

At Nexl, we’re excited to continue to support law firms with their business growth and turn more relationships into revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about Nexl, please reach out and schedule a demo

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