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What is Account-Based Marketing?

In a nutshell, Account-Based Marketing is:

focused growth strategy for your law firm in which the Marketing, Business Development team and lawyers collaborate to create personalized buying experiences for a carefully identified set of high-value clients.

Don’t let “Marketing” in ABM mislead you to think this is only something for the marketing teams or marketing professionals.

ABM is the perfect strategy for law firm Partners to win more clients with less effort.

It is the most effective way to grow your practice.

In the age of information abundance, the marketplace has become crowded and law firms are putting in more effort to gain the attention of their clients.

Law firms that want to get an ROI on their marketing and business development initiatives need to place their attention on high-value clients.

They need to be acutely aware of their specific industry expertise, market footprint, and current relationships to develop effective growth strategies.

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