Mondaq Press Release

Mondaq Partners with Nexl to Enhance its Collaborative Power

August 16, 2023

Introducing the Collaborative Power of Nexl and Mondaq’s Partnership

In 2019 Nexl pioneered a collaborative Customer Relationship Management Platform designed specifically for law firms. We have grown exponentially since and have introduced many new product features and strategic partnerships. Last week, we were excited to announce our partnership with Mondaq, a global provider of AI-enabled content marketing, data, and analytics solutions for professional services firms.  

“The Mondaq and Nexl collaboration is a compelling partnership that powers Mondaq customers with actionable data in their day-to-day tools and technology, allowing them to make faster decisions and automate workflows.”

– Richard Anderson, Chief Product Officer at Mondaq

Mondaq is a leading content aggregator and distribution platform servicing professional services firms globally. I am excited to share how this data integration partnership will revolutionize the way law firms leverage these insights to drive growth and turn their relationships into revenue. 

Nexl’s vision has always been to provide a collaborative no-data-entry CRM platform for law firm growth. Nexl automatically captures relationships and turns them into actionable relationship insights for law firms and their lawyers. 

With this partnership, Nexl’s users will now have the power to understand the reading habits and interests of decision-makers within their client base. This newfound insight will enable law firms to tailor their messaging and build stronger, more meaningful relationships with their key clients. 

This is how it works: law firms will publish their content (i.e., blogs/articles, social media posts/ press releases, etc.), and Mondaq will track which content gains the most traction, which will directly inform the law firm where the demand is. Leading professional services firms may now uncover insights on thought leadership in the same Nexl interfaces that their lawyers are using to better manage their key relationships.

These insights will automatically sync within Nexl’s platform. By analyzing data on how decision-makers consume content, Nexl empowers law firms to make data-driven decisions, identify demand, and focus on high-potential opportunities for client growth.

The combination of Mondaq’s API with Nexl’s CRM creates a workspace for lawyers to streamline their business development efforts. These legal professionals can now run thought leadership campaigns, nurture relationships, identify resonating topics, and focus on building genuine relationships with key decision-makers. Ultimately driving revenue growth all within one integrated platform.

For more information about our exciting partnership and the benefits it brings to law firms, visit and Stay tuned as we announce our integration. 

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