LexFusion Partners with Nexl to Manage Its Legal Innovation Pipeline

January 12, 2023

LexFusion’s mission is to accelerate legal innovation. Towards that end, LexFusion curates a collective of leading legal technology and services companies. In only two years, LexFusion and its eleven members have helped over 250 corporations and law firms modernize the delivery of legal services—improving outcomes, optimizing spend, and setting the stage for sustained excellence.

Managing separate pipelines for eleven independent members while maintaining a global view across thousands of customer interactions presents a unique challenge. After painstaking evaluation of CRM providers, LexFusion selected Nexl for its ability to automatically and securely capture interactions, enrich contacts, keep data up-to-date, and uncover relationship insights. No other system automated so much previously manual effort, let alone added so much net new functionality, like collaboration and project management tools, that previously seemed labor prohibitive.

“I love using Nexl, both individually and as the CEO of a growing company. It enhances my personal customer interactions and has proven foundational for proper collaboration among our expanding team. LexFusion is instrumental in the go-to-market efforts of eleven of the most dynamic legal innovation offerings on the market—from rocketship startups to publicly traded titans. We may run the most complex CRM in the industry. I say that as the former sales lead at some of the largest, most prominent, and most diversified players in this space.

CRM is core to our business. We need it to be damn near perfect. Nexl not only makes data entry a breeze, it makes data access a pleasure due to the no-touch capture, low-touch automation, and robust enrichment. Nexl is clearly designed with lawyers and other white-collar professionals in mind. It instantly and graphically surfaces the web of intersecting relationships between the buying and selling organizations. When you get that meeting, that one shot, you show up at your best. After email, Nexl is the most critical piece of our technology stack.”

– Joe Borstein, CEO LexFusion

Nexl eliminates the burden of inputting and cleaning data. That data is turned into information—i.e., data organized so as to be useful for communication and decision-making—via an easy-to-use,customizable, and collaborative platform. Nexl enables LexFusion to execute business development strategies across their collective and deliver a top-caliber customer experience at scale.

“Several major law firms recommended LexFusion to us. While several other major law firms recommended Nexl to LexFusion. We were excited for the opportunity to help this forward-thinking organization manage their vast network of deep relationships. LexFusion operates at the intersection of law, technology, and sales. We’re helping them stay connected across eleven member companies and many thousands of critically important customer interactions. Working with their team has been illuminating. We’re proud to see the impact we’ve delivered to their business, member companies, and customers through real-time, up-to-date relationship insights and reporting.”

– Ian Stewart, VP of Sales
and Partnerships

LexFusion implemented Nexl company-wide, replacing Microsoft Dynamics. The move reflects LexFusion’s dedication to client relationships and commitment to continuous investment. For Nexl, the LexFusion partnership is another manifestation our value proposition: support companies with their business growth and turn more relationships into revenue. If you are interested in learning more about Nexl CRM or Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud, please reach out.

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