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Developing legal services for Mexico’s booming Maquila industry


Toulet & Gottfried is a Mexican firm based in Ciudad Juárez, renowned for providing legal, accounting and business consulting services to domestic and foreign companies.


Located on Mexico’s northern border, the Firm is uniquely positioned to serve the booming maquila industry, clusters of factories that take raw materials, transform them and export the finished product back to the US markets.


Nearly 60% of the city’s economy is focused on the maquila industry, a sector that is severely impacted by the global economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with new legal obligations for taxpayers, such as new regulations for remote working arrangements and a deep labor law reform that sought to eliminate certain outsourcing schemes.

These changes offered great opportunities to the team at T&G, who identified this market segment as a key area for growth.

Using Nexl’s client revenue platform, T&G created a Project that focused on offering a newly designed product – a package of labor and tax services to mitigate the impact of the reforms – to the selected prospects from that industry.

The Firm gathered a team of lawyers and business professionals to draw up a target list and allocate responsibilities for approaching prospects. Within a couple of weeks, the team had logged nearly 20 opportunities, managed to pitch for 5 potential clients and win three new projects. This generated new revenues and is consolidating the Firm’s position as a key player in the market.

Abril Duran, an associate attorney with Toulet & Gottfried: “Using the Nexl platform was really helpful in coordinating this initiative, it allowed us to collaborate with all the relevant information in one place. We’re much better aligned as a team now, with clear tasks and responsibilities for everyone. The platform works really well, and we’re really satisfied with the outcome so far”.


T&G’s Managing Partner, Alejandro Toulet, adds: “We weren’t really sure how to use the system at first, but after a workshop with the Nexl Service Delivery team, we created a whole new way of thinking and doing business development. It has energized the team and created a real process that will benefit us greatly. We’re already planning new projects and initiatives for 2022!”


T&G succeeded because they had a clear idea about the target market and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), a clearly defined, timely and attractive solution (the service package to deal with the impact of the tax and labor reforms), and a central platform to coordinate and execute the project.

If you would like to explore how you can leverage the power of the Nexl platform and create a growth project, do get in touch and we will be happy to set up a workshop for your firm as well.


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