AM Law 100 Firm Replaces Legacy CRM with Nexl to Supercharge Client Development Efforts

August 21, 2023

Nexl, the no-data-entry Collaborative Relationship Management platform, is pleased to announce its transformative collaboration with a prestigious North American law firm with impressive rankings, placing it in the top 75 on the Global 200 and top 50 on the AM Law 100. By partnering with Nexl’s platform, law firms are well-positioned to remain competitive and deliver exceptional client services.  

In detailing their reasons for selecting Nexl over maintaining the status quo with an existing CRM, the law firm highlighted several reasons:  

  • Antiquated technology: Their previous system had not received any significant updates for ten years. 
  • Integration issues: The existing platform did not seamlessly integrate with other essential tools, causing operational friction.  
  • Visibility constraints: The current system lacked the capabilities to provide a comprehensive view of client engagement, hampering the firm’s growth initiatives. 

In contrast, Nexl emerged as the optimal choice due to its:  

  • Complementary integration with existing technologies: As a modern, cloud-first command center, Nexl syncs seamlessly with the firm’s existing top-tier marketing and experience platforms, supercharging marketing, BD teams, and legal professionals with unified customer insights and automated workflows to fuel firm growth. 
  • Robust data capabilities: Nexl’s platform offers enriched data collection, potentially replacing additional tools in the firm’s stack. 
  • Ease of use: Nexl is intuitive and user-friendly, streamlining processes for attorneys and business teams alike.  
  • A holistic approach to client relationship management: Nexl provides much-needed visibility across the firm, making it simpler to identify new opportunities, spot market trends, and foster deeper client relationships.

“Our collaboration with this esteemed law firm reiterates Nexl’s commitment to bridging the gap between traditional practices and modern technological needs,” said Ian Stewart, VP of Sales and Partnerships at Nexl. “By offering a platform that integrates seamlessly and delivers actionable insights, we aspire to reimagine the way law firms manage and nurture their client relationships.” 

With this partnership, Nexl will enable the firm to enhance cross-selling initiatives, streamline processes, and promote effective thought leadership strategies. Nexl’s platform, known for its all-in-one collaborative relationship management system, addresses operational, technical, and data challenges head-on, and will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in supporting the firm’s growth objectives.  

Comprising a team of nearly 1,000 attorneys, the law firm is recognized for tackling complex cases and deals, and for fostering an environment of collaboration and expertise. The firm specializes in intellectual property, commercial litigation, and corporate and financial matters, both domestically and internationally. 

This strategic partnership between Nexl and the law firm solidifies their mutual commitment to providing clients with innovative solutions to business challenges. At Nexl, our mission remains clear: support law firms with their business growth and help turn more relationships into revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about Nexl CRM, please reach out and schedule a demo

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