Long Law Firm Implements Nexl to Streamline Projects and Benefit Clients

July 15, 2022
Nexl’s partner, Long Law Firm LLP, shares why they partnered with Nexl and their exciting future.

Long Law Firm, LLP has deep roots in governmental relations and legislative practice and extensive expertise in other practice areas. Located in Louisiana, Long Law Firm marks Nexl’s latest  firm in the United States. A regionally recognized firm with a storied history of four principal partners, including Louisiana Senator Russell Long, the firm was founded in 1988.

Long Law Firm has evolved over the years to adopt the latest technologies like Nexl to streamline its work for the benefit of its clients.  Long Law Firm is well known for its dedication to shepherding clients through every step of their legal matters and building solid partnerships to assist with ongoing and future needs. Long Law Firm remains committed to carrying on Senator Russell Long’s legacy by emphasizing his unwavering devotion to law practice and unparalleled commitment to serving his clients and his community.

“We chose to go with Nexl for a few reasons. The minimal front-end data entry eliminates the time required to have a conventional CRM system usable. The level of transparency among relationships within the firm not only increases communication but also allows our team to recognize areas and relationships where we may be able to assist a client across practice areas. In addition to all of this, the implementation and onboarding was days as opposed to months.”

RAYMOND M. ASHWORTH, LLF Chief Operating Officer

After evaluating several CRMs Long Law Firm chose Nexl because it was easy to use, the no-data-entry capabilities and the positive interaction with the Nexl team. Nexl’s who-knows-who functionality allows Long Law Firm to identify where client relationships are held and to operate more strategically when cross-selling and providing long-term offerings to clients.

I am very excited about our partnership with Long Law Firm! It was a pleasure working with Ray and their forward-thinking team. Long Law Firm was founded on bringing the highest quality of client service and has deep rooted relationships with many of their clients. To further evolve and enhance their client services, Long Law Firm is focused on transparency of firm relationships and the operational visibility to identify additional areas to further assist clients across their various practice groups. This makes Long Law Firm a perfect fit for Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud and CRM. We are thrilled to help them continue to deliver world class service.”

Nexl Business Development Manager, Hayden Cassidy

At Nexl, we’re excited to continue to support law firms with their revenue growth and turn more relationships into revenue. If you are interested in learning more about the Nexl CRM or Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud, please reach out and schedule a demo here!

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