For Leadership and Operations

Drive Firm Excellence

Today, law firms face increase competition everywhere. Nexl empowers leaders to drive operational excellence, while delivering a client-centric service.

Create a Client-Centric Law Firm

To stay competitive, law firms must now function as #OneFirm. Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud helps leadership and operation teams support revenue-generating initiatives forward, power client-centric delivery, and drive operational efficiency.

Support Revenue-Generating Initiatives

For operational leaders focusing revenue-generating is key. Usually that comes through enabling and operationalizing those initiatives that are working. Nexl empowers operational leaders with powerful financial reporting to help you see clearly.

Power Client-Centric Service Delivery

In today’s competitive environment, delivering great work is table stakes. Those that excel go beyond and deliver work with client-centric at the core. Nexl empowers operational leaders with the relationship insights they need to deepen client relationships through client-centric focus.

Drive Forward Operational Efficiency

On average, Nexl reduces business-development time by 68%. That means faster time to value and lowered generation costs. Nexl’s high-automation was designed to give teams the efficiency tools they need to do more with less.

How Nexl Helps Operation Leaders

Everything you need to grow your practice while serving your clients.

Leaders love our No-Data-Entry CRM

Take contact updating out to the to-do list and into the hands of powerful automation and enrichment.

Powerful Financial & Client Reporting

With Nexl’s powerful reporting functionality and templates for Aderant & Elite 3E by PowerBI, you’ll be able to create 360-degree view of your client relationships. See who within your firm or contacts for referrals. 

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Ensure Key Client Satisfaction & Wellness

Today, clients demand a client-centric service experience and law firms are increasingly asked to deliver more than just good service. Nexl provides teams with the ability to craft and deliver a high-personalized end-to-end experience, between and including matters. 

Ready to Operationalize Your Law Firm?

Turn your teams into one effective, collaborative client team. Nexl is easy to try and implement.

Over 10,000 Lawyers Trust Us With Their Most Valuable Client Relationships

We’re revolutionizing how law firms grow with our clients-partners.

More than 10,000 Lawyers trust Nexl

Nexl Works Across Your Firm

Learn more about how Nexl works for your entire law firm. #OneFirm