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Build Your Firm Brand

Today, law firms face more competition than ever. Nexl empowers marketing teams with the relationship data they need to nurture strategic accounts, reach new clients, and maintain brand affinity.

Relationship Marketing is Here

To stay competitive, law firms must now function as #OneFirm. Nexl’s Revenue Operations Cloud helps marketing teams create highly personalized marketing campaigns that ensure your messages reach the right clients.

Create Impactful Client-Centric Campaigns

89% of law firms expect to compete mostly on the basis of client experience. Nexl gives marketing teams the relationship insights they need to create impactful marketing campaigns, across the entire client lifecycle.

Account-Based Marketing, Enabled

Top law firms focus on Account-Based Marketing initiatives to deliver highly personalized experiences, powered by segmented marketing campaigns. Nexl empowers marketing teams to build ABM campaigns, with instant access to the firm’s entire contact and relationship database.

Support Your Key Client Programs

Law firms with successful key-client initiatives or SAMs focus on one thing—client needs. Nexl gives law firm marketers the relationship insights to build campaigns tailored to support key client programs, based on up-to-date client activities.

How Nexl Helps Marketing Teams

Everything you need to nurture your firm’s clients along their client-journey.

Marketing Teams love our no-data-entry CRM

Take contact updating off your to-do list and into the hands of powerful automation and enrichment. 

Connect Revenue Opportunities to Marketing Campaigns

Get access to real-time pipeline tracking and connect the dots back to marketing campaigns to prove marketing’s business value.  

Nurture Clients with SAMs,
Generate Clients with ABM

Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count. Nexl provides marketing teams with the foundational relationship data needed to create personalized and segmented lists for ABM or SAMs. 

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