Overcoming Pushback: Culture and Tech in Law Firm BD






July 2, 2024


Ben Chiriboga, Suzanne Orfali
Business Development
Thought Leadership
Legal Industry

Join our host, Ben Chiriboga (Chief Growth Officer at Nexl) as he sits down for a in-depth discussion with Suzanne Orfali, Managing Director and Founder at Autem Consulting.

In this episode, Suzanne shares her journey from studying law to transitioning into business development, highlighting differences in BD practices between Europe and the Middle East. She and Ben discusses the challenges of navigating law firm cultures, the importance of demonstrating results, and her work with firms in Europe and the GCC to transform their market perception. Suzanne also emphasizes the need for BD professionals to challenge the status quo and align all activities with firm goals, while addressing the impact of technology and the global market on BD strategies.

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