Today, it’s all too common to see law firms with misaligned business development, executive and lawyer teams.

We want to help. Nexl fixes alignment  by focusing teams around one goal — turning relationships into revenue.

Align your law firm

Lawyer, BD and Marketing alignment is the largest opportunity for improving law firm performance today because it dramatically improves marketing return on investment (ROI), business development productivity, and, most importantly, drives top-line revenue.

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We are very pleased with the NEXL CRM platform. With the Re-Engage tool we were able to book quick wins, as it allowed us to successfully reach out to a couple of past clients, immediately resulting in an interesting business opportunity.

Huda Alkhodari
Client Affairs Manager

It is the most automated CRM system we were able to find on the market, saving us from the cumbersome tasks of manually filling our data. It is super intuitive and easy to use, our lawyers usually get surprised by seeing that their contacts and data are ‘already there’.

Ivana Milanovic
Business Development Manager


See What Our Clients Say

NEXL has provided us with the potential to grow organically, the automation features and data enrichment technology has helped us manage our growth initiatives, monitor our interactions with clients which has led to enriched relationships and provided a space to explore new opportunities.

Ted Vlahos

In Nexl we found the efficiency and flexibility we carry in our culture and approach to client work. The Nexl CRM solution is an integral part of our growth strategy.

Sharon Sakuwaha
Co-Managing Partner


NEXL integrates directly into your Office 365 or Google Workspaces to capture relationship insights based on email and calendar events. Combined with multi-level data enrichment and relationship mapping, NEXL is able to provide your lawyers and business development teams with the data they need to grow your firm.

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More successful business development and marketing start with the right systems to enable your professionals. See how NEXL can help you make the move from passive to active business development in a hybrid world.


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