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Whether you need to capture your relationship data, enable your lawyers, or grow your key clients, Nexl can help your law firm align as #OneFirm.

Is This Your Law Firm?

Since 2008, most law firms have invested in process, people, and technology (especially marketing). Fast forward today, and despite heavy investment, most law firms will continue to lose market share. At Nexl, we've asked, Why? The answer. Siloed practiced areas, misaligned teams, and inaccurate relationship data. It's time to fix that.

Your Relationship Data, Awaits​

Relationship data is the core of any growth strategy. Unfortunately, law firms have struggled to get access to the relationship data they need. At Nexl, we've taken a revolutionary new approach to how we capture relationship data, removing the need the manually track, map or update data ever again.

The Evolution of CRM

To stay competitive, law firms must now function as #OneFirm. Todays', CRMs were simply not designed to do that. Nexl's Revenue Operations platform aligns your law firm, breaks down team siloes, and enables firms to serve clients as #OneFirm .

Align Your Teams

Drive tighter alignment between marketing, business development and lawyers.

Break Down Siloes

Move all your teams into one collaborative space (and out of email and meetings).

One Firm. One Team

Remove the barriers to execution by giving everyone the relationship insights they need.

Revenue Operations for Law Firms

Everything you need to align your team - regardless of where you're at.

Capture relationships with our no-data-entry CRM

Take contact updating out to the hands of your lawyers.

Deliver Relationship Insights to Your Team

Know everything about your clients, market, and relationships.

Keep the firm on track with built-in alignment tools. 

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