Nexl CRM vs InterAction


 Why are thousands of lawyers, business developers, and marketing experts choosing Nexl’s modern legal CRM? 

Compared to legacy CRM’s (like InterAction), Nexl offers law firms a modern, easy-to-implement, business development platform that helps them turn relationships into revenue, focus on sector groups, and/or sell their services in a more modern client-centric manner.


NEXL automatically captures all of your lawyers’ interactions. Any email sent or received and any meeting with clients, prospective clients or referral sources are automatically captured, analysed and turned into actionable insights to help you accelerate revenue growth. Your lawyers do not need to input data into the system making NEXL a true no-data-entry system.

This is why law firms love NEXL.

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Objective Tracking

Keep everyone across your firm aligned with your goals and stay focused on what matters most. Acquiring, retaining, and expanding client relationships in your key target markets.

Collaboration Platform

Combine the power of customizable target and key client lists, opportunity tracking, client prospecting and automatic data capture in a powerful collaboration space easily accessible through Microsoft Teams to help you execute your firm’s business development and growth strategy and turn your lawyers into smart collaboration champions.

Key Client Programs and more

Retaining clients using strategic client programs requires firms to manage clean contact and client data to ensure lawyers and BD professional can managed client interactions, without friction.

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