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The Easiest Way for Lawyers and Marketers to Collaborate

Nexl is a law firm collaboration platform complete with best-in-class templates to help you run strategic growth initiatives (and reduce all those emails and meetings).
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Experience the Power of Nexl's Collaboration Platform

Click around our interactive demo below and see how easy it is to manage your projects and collaborate with your team.

Work Smarter, with Nexl's Collaboration Features

Nexl's collaboration features are designed to simplify your workflow and boost productivity.
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Real-time Collaboration Space

With Nexl, your team can collaborate in real-time, staying aligned around your strategic growth initiatives. No more waiting for emails or scheduling meetings. Make sure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals in real time. 

Increased Productivity

Assign Tasks and Reminders

With Nexl, you can assign tasks and set reminders, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Your team can stay on top of their work and focus on the most important tasks. Increase productivity and get more done in less time. 

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Increased ROI

Track Goals

With Nexl, you can track your project goals and track opportunities. Stay on top of your projects and make sure you’re moving towards your strategic growth initiatives. Increase your ROI and achieve your goals faster. 

Wall of Love

Nexl helps small and boutique law firms around the world achieve their strategic growth initiatives.

With real-time collaboration, assigned tasks and reminders, and goal tracking, our platform has increased productivity and ROI for our clients. Join the hundreds of law firms already using Nexl to achieve their goals.
Nexl Templates

Get started quickly with Nexl's Ready-made Templates

Our template center offers a variety of customizable templates for every practice area, department, and team member. Adapt our templates to fit your specific needs and start managing your projects and collaborating with your team in no time. Say goodbye to tedious setup and start achieving your strategic growth initiatives faster with Nexl.
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All Day and Everyday Customer Support

At Nexl, we're here to support you every step of the way

Our dedicated support team is available to answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of our platform. Whether you need help setting up your account or have a question about a specific feature, we're here to help. Contact us today and see how Nexl can help you achieve your strategic growth initiatives.