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At Nexl, we're focused on helping Indian law firms grow through practice innovation. Learn more about how Nexl is partnering with the Indian legal market, below!

The team at NEXL have a deep understanding of how lawyers work, and what they need from a CRM tool. The passion and skills that the NEXL Team show is certainly indicative of a very bright future for NEXL, and great products for its clients. I am thrilled to be part of the NEXL journey.

Kartik Ganapathy - Founding Partner at Indus Law Tweet
We are very pleased with the NEXL CRM platform. With the Re-Engage tool we were able to book quick wins, as it allowed us to successfully reach out to a couple of past clients, immediately resulting in an interesting business opportunity.

Huda Alkhodari
Client Affairs Manager

It is the most automated CRM system we were able to find on the market, saving us from the cumbersome tasks of manually filling our data. It is super intuitive and easy to use, our lawyers usually get surprised by seeing that their contacts and data are ‘already there’.

Ivana Milanovic
Business Development Manager


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NEXL has provided us with the potential to grow organically, the automation features and data enrichment technology has helped us manage our growth initiatives, monitor our interactions with clients which has led to enriched relationships and provided a space to explore new opportunities.

Ted Vlahos

In Nexl we found the efficiency and flexibility we carry in our culture and approach to client work. The Nexl CRM solution is an integral part of our growth strategy.

Sharon Sakuwaha
Co-Managing Partner

Practice Innovation in India!

Learn more about why Indian law firms are innovating their practices to be more business-led in a world of increased competition and external pressures.

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A true legal CRM

A simple-to-use CRM for modern law firms.

The legal market has changed. Law Firms now live in a competitive, data-driven business world – where any law firm can approach any client, anytime. In this competitive world, law firms can no longer work in silos and passively wait for clients to come to them. To stay competitive, lawyers and law firms must break down knowledge barriers, share resources and go from passive to active, collaborative business developers.

NEXL is leading the way for modern business development practices helping law firms around the world adapt to the new way of working.


NEXL automatically captures all of your lawyers’ interactions. Any email sent or received and any meeting with clients, prospective clients or referral sources are automatically captured, analysed and turned into actionable insights to help you accelerate revenue growth. Your lawyers do not need to input data into the system making NEXL a true no-data-entry system.

NEXL CRM for India

India, let's innovate your practices together.

Learn how NEXL can help Indian law firms make the move from passive to active business development in a fast-changing Indian market.

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